2015 | 13 min | Director /  Co-Writer                                 

Latent is an urban psychological thriller, set in the developing tray of London night. It follows a night in the life of Philip Byrne, a London-based photographer. Philip finds his next photographic subject in the face of a mysterious woman who leads him through empty streets and remote alleys. As the events unfold, his senses wander into the darker spaces of his mind, unearthing a side to himself that he never knew he had.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Athens International Film Festival 2015, Greece

  • East End Film Festival 2016, UK

  • West Nordic International Film Festival 2016, Norway

  • Tirana International Film Festival 2016, Albania

  • Best Independent International Film Festival 2016: AWARD for Best Score *, Germany

  • Student Panorama 2015 at the 21st International Short Film Festival in Drama, Greece

  • Pennine Film Festival 2016, UK

  • Durham Film Festival 2016, UK

  • Goa Shots International Short Film Festival 2016, India

  • Festival internacional de cine fantástico de Torremolinos 2016, Spain

  • Los Angeles Cinefest 2016, USA

  • Online International Film Festival 2016, Italy

  • The London Monthly Film Festival 2016, UK

  • International Monthly Film Festival - July 2016, UK

  • Link International Film Festival, 2017, UK - Finalist

  • Pagdiriwang ng Alon ng Pelikula (Wave of Films Festival), 2017, Philippines

  • Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne 2017, Australia

  • Unrestricted View Film Festival 2017, UK - Nominated for Best Short and Best Cinematography

  • Still Voices Film Festival, 2017, Ireland

  • Carlow International Film Festival, 2017, Ireland

  • Selby International Film Award, 2017, UK

  • Portobello Film Festival, 2017, UK

  • UK Screen One International Film Festival, 2017, UK

  • Kleinkaap Short Film Festival, 2017, South Africa

  • Sphere Festival, Kolkata 2018, India

Produced by Anoop Singh Kung | Written by Lefteris Parasyris and Ingrid Charles
Cinematography by Martine Wolff & Ha Le | Edited by Jackie Chen
Sound by Lingyan Song | Music by Sami El-Enany
Production Design by Betty Sims-Hilditch | Make-Up & Hair by Daniel Delgado Ortiz

With: Oliver Blagden, Marysia Trembecka, Bridget Mastrocola, 
Derek Horsham, Lewis Cartwright, Kristín Rose, Alex Atkins

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